Sunday, 19 October 2008

Executive Grapevine Articles

Over the past few years I have contributed a column to Executive Grapevine, a leading recruitment magazine. Click on the links below to read back issues.

Is online part of your recruitment strategy for executives? Or are you only using online for more junior roles? Click here

Why do HR and recruitment professionals increasingly view online recruitment as an indispensable activity? Click here

Can you trust what job boards tell you about traffic and users? Click here

Is your recruitment horizon global rather than local? Click here

Online recruitment advertising increased 50% between 2003 and 2004. The UK market is now worth over £100m - no wonder it has the attention of the large community-based internet players. Click here

Consolidation within the online market is accelerating with both vertical and horizontal transactions. Click here

The online ad - a new media phenomenon. Click here

Recruiting Non-Executive Directors on the web - replacing the 'old boy' network. Click here

More executives are opting for a portfolio career - and using the internet to create a new life of work. Click here

Where has all the talent gone? Are we back in a seller's market? Click here

Talent management top of the agenda for FTSE Non-Executives.

Is the internet working for you...or against you? Click here

The candidate experience - does your online application process attract or repel experienced candidates? Click here

Top MBA candidates are in serious demand - do you get the best out of your MBA recruitment efforts? Click here

What's Hot and What's Not? Click here

The demand for Non-Executive Directors has never been higher - are you making the most of this growing market? Click here

London is the world's largest financial centre. When will Dubai be #2? What are you doing about it? Click here

Ten Tips for Online Executive Resourcing

20 October 2008

Search Consult Global Conference, Frankfurt, Germany

Joining over 250 search professionals from around the world, my presentation provides the top 10 secrets for online recruiting success.