Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Doing Business in a Downturn

What are your recruitment and advertising agency clients worried about?

1 Maintaining cash flows
2 Curbing costs

How can you change this to a strategic advantage?

Want to survive the downturn? Here are my top tips for ensuring that your recruitment/advertising business continues to thrive:

• Talk to your clients - it is too easy to rely on email - your clients are lonely...let them know you are out there!

• Talk to your ‘stars’ - your top performers can always get another job elsewhere, even in a downturn. Make sure they know you value their contribution.

• Swing towards consultative ‘help’
–Mini outplacement assistance
–Flexible working / reduced hours

• Offer interim candidates - this may seem a safer bet in uncertain times

• Get into new functions or sectors - the power of the internet means you can easily attract new candidates - you just have to find out where they are!

• Reach into Europe / E Europe / Middle East - not all sectors and geographies are affected. Research new areas where your skills are transferable. Again the internet is a good way to find both new clients and candidates.

A few more points:
• The downturn is here – creative tactics can help ride the wave
• Executives do use the internet to find jobs – and even more are registering for job boards every day
• The UK is ahead in online executive recruitment but the world is shrinking
• There is a role for traditional media coupled with online
• The fastest growing executive market is India but the largest in Europe is Germany
• Candidates want the same experience online as in the newspaper – high quality and integrity - make sure your ads reflect the high standards you want to attract.

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Copyright Betty Thayer, 2008

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Executive Grapevine Articles

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Ten Tips for Online Executive Resourcing

20 October 2008

Search Consult Global Conference, Frankfurt, Germany

Joining over 250 search professionals from around the world, my presentation provides the top 10 secrets for online recruiting success.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The UK Non-Executive Director 2008 Networking Seminars

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2008 networking events.

There are two different types of events this year.

Our main networking events follow the popular format of three expert speakers, a panel session and informal drinks and networking. There are specific themes for each of these events:

London events (16.00 – 19.30)

Tuesday 29 April NEDs in a Family Business
Tuesday 13 May Being a Charity Trustee
Wednesday 21 May NEDs in the Public Sector
Wednesday 11 June Diversity on Boards with a particular focus on women on boards
Tuesday 23 September Getting Value from NEDs

Leeds event

Wednesday 8 October General seminar for current and aspiring NEDs

In addition we have introduced two half-day workshops specifically designed for those interested in their first Non-Executive role. These intensive and interactive events will help you to discover more about the role and how to go about finding your first position. These events also finish with informal drinks and networking. Both will be held in London.

Wednesday 7 May 13.45 – 18.30
Wednesday 15 October

Places at all of these events are limited so register today. Members of the Non-Executive Director benefit from special rates.

To find out more about these events visit www.non-execs.com.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Exec-Appointments acquired by the Financial Times

The Financial Times has acquired senior management job-board exec-appointments.com as an ideal vehicle for developing its non-print recruitment business.

There are clear synergies between the two businesses. The FT's global presence, brand profile and financial recruitment capability is complemented by exec-appointments.com's strength in senior non-financial jobs. In addition, the acquisition also provides the FT with an established technology platform for further developments.

FT CEO John Riddings commented: “Online recruitment is a key growth area and while the Financial Times is highly successful in print-based recruitment, this acquisition will allow us to crack the burgeoning web-based sector. We can extend the business into Asia and the US and seriously upgrade our recruitment and training offering to both customers and advertisers.
“We've been aware that we needed to upgrade our general online recruitment offering,” he continued. “With no clear leader in the sector, we believe that exec-appointments will rapidly step into the breach.”

exec-appointments' CEO Betty Thayer believes the move will increase the site's appeal to larger corporate clients, as well as providing the opportunity to develop new products for both FT audiences and existing customers.